Jacqui Steinman


What made you get involved in the fitness industry as an athlete? 

 I have always been very sporty and have competed in many sports provincially and nationally, so moving into the fitness industry was a natural progression.


What is the hardest part of prepping for a show?

Being on the journey alone. Very difficult to have to decline social invitations. And eat and train strictly.


Tell us something about yourself that no one knows?

I have titanium in my face from a waterpolo injury (punch to my face), when I played in Serbia.


What is your weight before prep versus on stage? 

I sit in a maintenance weight at about 60kg. And on stage I am about 55kg.


Why have you chosen to be apart of the WeSellSupps team?  

The quality and array and range of supplements are great, and there is no middle man, prices are very reasonable for what you getting and its from order to door within a few days.


What is your favorite stack and flavors from the WeSellSupps range?

I love the prosupps HydroBCAA, I like the Mr Hyde preworkout for insane energy and focus, and the Mutant  Isosurge protein powder the flavour Vanilla ice cream is so amazing and not artificial tasting at all.