Gordon Stevens


What made you get involved in the fitness industry as an athlete?
In school training helped me overcome bullying and improved my sport performance. I had a love for training, the challenge and discipline it took. To set goals and improve. After school I took on the challenge of competing as a fitness model and came 2nd at my first show. I ended up competing 10 times, won twice and came 2nd 5 times

What is the hardest part of prepping for a show?
The discipline to do the workouts, especially the cardio as you get really depleted. All those fish a broccoli meals. It's a mindset to stay on track keep pushing and never give up.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows?
I was born 3 months premature and weighed 1.3kg

What is your weight before prep versus on stage?
It used to be 120kg off season and 110kg in stage, now as a lifestyle with no competitions I'm 105kg lean

Why have you chosen to be apart of the WeSellSupps team?
Having been with Prosupps and Brad he always gives the best service and support so I am proud to be affiliated with WeSellSupps.

What is your favorite stack and flavors from the WeSellSupps range?
My two favourite supplements combos are PS Isolate cookies and cream with strawberry kiwi HydroBCAA's. My newest combo is mutant ISO SURGE cookies and cream with GEAAR rocket pop flavor.