Devan Dippenaar


What made you get involved in the fitness industry as an athlete?
I have always been a competitive sportsmen, and when I had to retire from rugby due to a chronic knee injury, I needed to direct that competitiveness somewhere else. I had always admired the level of discipline and commitment needed to step on stage and with the obvious physical challenges, I felt competing was the next step in my career.

What is the hardest part of prepping for a show?
I am rugby boy, so having to turn down beers with the lads is the toughest thing for me... and the low carb days are not fun either!

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows?
I was scared of werewolves till I was a teenager!
(I believed they had to be real)

What is your weight before prep versus on stage?
Weight before I prep, is about 92kgs (I keep myself in pretty good shape all year) and on stage depending on category and conditioning needed between 80-83kgs

Why have you chosen to be apart of the WeSellSupps team?
I have a decent following and a large client database in SA, and although I have my own supplement brand in  (we working on getting it to SA), I need to be able to look after them with quality nutrition and supplementation I the meanwhile. There is only one guy in the industry I trust to bring that quality to SA, and that is Brad. So ultimately if he vouches for a product I will back him. So where better to send my clientele for their supplementation needs than to , where they have numerous options to choose from.

What is your favorite stack and flavors from the WeSellSupps range?
I have always enjoyed ProSupps and The Mutant range.