Anesca Gouws


What made you get involved in the fitness industry as an athlete?
When I met my husband he was competing at the time and I was introduced to the industry. I was amazed at how beautiful the women were toned and built and I decided to also give it a go.

What is the hardest part of prepping for a show?
Sticking to a strict diet is tough at first but it gets easier as you get into it and see the amazing changes in your body and what it can do.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows?
I'm actually a very boring person and a workaholic haha!

What is your weight before prep versus on stage?
I'm lucky in that my weight doesn't vary drastically - off season I'm about 55 kg and on stage I'll be 50 kg.

Why have you chosen to be apart of the WeSellSupps team?
For me, it's all about taste, quality and price. WeSellSupps provide premium quality supplementation at affordable prices.

What is your favorite stack and flavors from the WeSellSupps range?
Absolutely any brand and flavour in whey protein, amino acids, pre-workouts and fat burners.